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Stucco has been in use for over 5000 years. In the United States, stucco products became popular in early 1900’s and they are still widely used for residential and commercial exteriors. The success of stucco exteriors was determined by great advantages of the system:

- low installation costs and long life-cycle,
- little maintenance,
- great resistance to weather and physical abuse, even fire,
- resistance to insects, rot and fungus.

Stucco is a combination of Portland cement, sand, water and acrylics/plasticizers and other additives. In the Midwest the Three Coat Stucco is highly recommended system.

To achieve the highest performance of this exterior not only the best products need to be used but the proper installation is essential. Multiple weather barriers, properly gauged metal lath, specific installation of expansion joints, peculiar thickness of scratch and brown coats as well as their moisturizing during curing process are key elements for proper functioning and non-problematic performance of this system.

There are great variety of finishes, colors and textures available in stucco as well as combination options with stone, brick and other finishes for unique exterior look of each project.