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Home building owners understand just how valuable the investment in their homes. A little investment in routine maintenance can prevent small problems from turning into larger, costly ones. Annual inspection allows to identify them early and will keep your house looking its best.

What to do if you discover the problem
It is important that you visually inspect your building to see if any problems are developing. Your visual inspections should not replace the recommended schedule of examinations by qualified professional.

Common problems

Dirt and airborne pollution, algae or mold growth
The best and safest way to clean your building is a liquid spray used at the lowest pressure possible to remove the surface soil. Because high pressure cleaning can be harmful to the surface integrity of the finish coat, we recommend keeping the pressure under 600 psi. A high pressure cleaning method (over 600 psi) could impair the integrity of the finish coat.

We recommend that your building exterior be cleaned annually. If certain environmental conditions exist, such as being close to the busy street or other sources of high levels of dirt, mold, algae or pollutants, it will affect the frequency that cleaning will be needed.

Sealant at the system terminations
Maintaining a sealant around all openings in the exterior cladding and all interfaces with dissimilar building materials is an important element of building performance. All sealant must be inspected annually. Cracked or dried–out sealant must be replaced in a timely fashion to ensure that water does not enter the building envelope and cause damage. Sealants are a frequent culprit for moisture intrusion and the resultant damage that can occur.

Cracks, impact damages, birds holes
Stuccoall Inc. recommends that your exterior finish be inspected annually for evidence of cracks, holes or penetrations in the finish. Any compromise of the exterior envelope, can result in moisture intrusion, which can lead to other more serious problems. Any repair should be done as soon as possible to minimize potential damage to the structure.

Protect your house, it is your biggest investment